Who is your Internet Provider?

Yes, we all know Xfinity offers the best and fastest internet service for all types of applications.  but who can stand to deal with calling the 800#?  
We are your LOCAL Sales Representatives for all Xfinity services for your Home And your Business! Call today!

$44.99/mo. - Performance Internet 25Mbps + Basic Tv + Streampix included! HBO or Showtime included!

 All your local broadcast channels plus local independant, government and educational networks.  

Plus enjoy Xfinity ON DEMAND on tons of TV's hottest shows

Speak with a LOCAL Representative and Sign up Today! 

There are conditions to all packages offered, don't worry, you will know up front exactly what the fine print entails and what you will be paying monthly for your services.

Don't get frustrated with call centers...call me directly!

-- Alicia at 912-209-0861--


The Technology Group is YOUR Local Connection to achieving good customer service for services you usually end up frustrated with when calling the dreaded 800#!

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