Surveillance Warning Signs are here!

Planning a Home Theater of your dreams?

Take the guesswork out when choosing the perfect size HDTV, sound bar, speakers, receiver, digital media player, projector, surround name it.

  Our recommendations and advice will steer you in the right direction for your space, budget and needs. 

Then, our professional installers will guarantee a flawless installation and programming.

Our experts can assist with design, installation and remote service set up for the ideal surveillance application for your home or business.

NEED an Upgrade?  Save $$$ by using the best camera's on the market for 1080P HD Quality without having to completely re wire your current system. 

Simple Tech Help

Are you a "non-computer person or have no patience as to why the Roku doesn't work?  Wires everywhere and can't find the right remote?

We can help.  Our tech will visit you onsite and help you with all the little annoyances you have about the electronics in your home or office.

From tidying up messy cables to helping you get your printer back online, no task is too simple!